Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection Alpha
February 28, 2017

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection

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Chikungunya has turned into the greatest unnerve on the planet at present. After the scourges of dengue and SARS, now chikungunya has gotten the consideration of individuals of the world. In a few sections of the world, chikungunya is additionally called as Chicken Guinea, however this is a misnomer as chikungunya has nothing to do with chicken. Chicken Guinea is only an Anglicization of the word chikungunya. The word chikungunya is etymologically established in the Makonde dialect of Tanzania, where it signifies ‘what twists up’. 

This Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection name is a direct result of the difficult Symptoms which make the patient’s joints bend in an upwards position. The roots of chikungunya can be followed to 1952 in focal Africa from where it has turned out to be uncontrolled in Asia presently. The ailment shows itself as a pestilence, and if uncontrolled, it may transform into a pandemic. The most recent pandemic of chikungunya is as of now going ahead in South India. The overwhelming surges in South India in the storm district have been in charge of the far reaching episode of the infection. Southern conditions of India, for example, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been the most radically hit. A considerable measure of research is going ahead in India concerning chikungunya, in both the allopathic and the Ayurvedic fields. The vast majority have observed Ayurveda to be an answer for chikungunya.  So let us read this article about Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection.

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection

Meaning of Chikungunya

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection is a viral infection that is fundamentally the same as in indications and etiology to the more mainstream malady, dengue fever. The infection in charge of chikungunya is alpha-infection, which has a place with the togoviridae family. This infection is transmitted through mosquito nibbles. Just a particular sort of mosquito is a vector, i.e. bearer for chikungunya. This is the aedes aegypti mosquito, which is dynamic just in the daytime. The aedes aegypti mosquito is a similar mosquito that is in charge of the transmission of dengue fever among people. The state of chikungunya is by and large not lethal, and it can be cured inside five to seven days with appropriate treatment. The essential normal for the malady is a fever alongside a ligament sort of agony in the joints (which has given it its Sanskrit name).

Reasons for Chikungunya

Chikungunya has turned into the greatest startle on the planet as of now. After the scourges of dengue and SARS, now chikungunya has snatched the consideration of individuals of the world. In a few sections of the world, chikungunya is likewise called as Chicken Guinea, however this is a misnomer as chikungunya has nothing to do with chicken. Chicken Guinea is only an Anglicization of the word chikungunya and can be cured via

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection is a viral ailment transmitted through the organization of mosquitoes. The mindful chikungunya infection is the alphavirus, which is conveyed by the aedes aegypti type of mosquito. Thus, after jungle fever, filaria and dengue, chikungunya has turned out to be one more motivation to eliminate mosquitoes. The prime technique for spread of chikungunya is through stagnated water. The aedes aegypti mosquito lays its eggs just in stagnated water. This clarifies why there is an across the board flare-up of chikungunya in India at present, which has quite recently recuperated from overwhelming surges in July-August.

Manifestations of Chikungunya

Chikungunya manifestations start very quickly after the viral disease. A portion of the side effects are:-

  • Fever with high temperature
  • Acute agony everywhere throughout the body
  • Sharp agony in the joints joined by swelling
  • Severe cerebral pain
  • Profuse rashes
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Loss of taste in the tongue
  • Mouth ulcers

The accompanying Ayurvedic arrangements have been observed to be successful against the manifestations of chikungunya:-

  • Sudarshan choorna – Two tablespoons of this choorna must be taken every day.
  • Yogiraj guggulu – Two tablets for every day are to be taken.

Here it is imperative to specify that there is as of now a level headed discussion going ahead about the viability of Ayurvedic meds in the treatment of chikungunya, for which no other type of treatment has been found yet. All Ayurveda examples are of the supposition that chikungunya may not be dealt with by Ayurveda alone, but rather the herbs are successful in mollifying a portion of the serious indications of the condition.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Chikungunya

The fever of chikungunya regularly returns to ordinary inside a few days, however alternate indications hold on for over up to seven days. The fever is very unique in relation to typical fever since it is joined by chills and sentiments of queasiness and spewing.

There is no medication recommended for chikungunya from the World Health Organization as of recently. Specialists are utilizing headache medicine, ibuprofen, combiflam, paracetamol, and so on to lessen the torments and the fever, yet there is no all around satisfactory treatment in allopathic drug yet. A few people are profited by some pharmaceutical, while others are definitely not. Some chikungunya individuals get recuperated all alone following a couple days. Henceforth, therapeutic science is not sufficiently trusted where chikungunya is concerned.

This has driven many individuals with chikungunya to swing to Ayurveda for searching out treatment. Ayurveda additionally will be unable to treat the state of chikungunya totally, however it gives the vital imperviousness to the body to battle with the ailment.

Since there is no solution for Chikungunya in allopathy, individuals progressively swinging to customary indian prescriptions (ayurveda).Ayurvedic treatment of chikungunya uses home grown medications. A portion of the kashayams (mixtures) recommended are Amrutharista, Mahasudarshana Churna, panchathiktha kashayam, Sudarshan Churnam, Dhanvantaram Gutika and Amruthotharam Kashayam. Old ayurveda portrays a comparative condition called Sandhijwara which is like Chikungunya in its manifestations (joint agony). Consequently a portion of the solutions can sooth joint agony. In the meantime there are reports of fake meds in which steroids are included. These can bring about serious symptoms in long haul. Consequently the best counsel is to take rest and drink a lot of liquid sustenance!

Counteractive action of Chikungunya Fever

At present there is no immunization for Chikungunya. There is best way to anticipate Chikungunya fever – don’t get bit by a mosquito! This is less demanding said than done in a tropical territory, for example, India. A portion of the accompanying precautionary measures can help decrease the danger of mosquito nibbles,

  • Use mosquito net when dozing amid daytime.
  • Wear dress which covers a large portion of the body. Additionally there are anti-agents accessible which can be connected on dress materials.
  • Use mosquito curls or repellents(which contains Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or DEET). However, you ought to know that delayed utilization of these are not prescribed. Likewise guarantee sufficient ventilation when these are utilized.
  • Use draperies or window nets which avert passage of mosquitos to the house.
  • Use of cream or splash that can be connected on skin. This covers personal stench and viably you are undetectable from mosquito. Extremely helpful in the event that you are going by a zone where Chikungunya is accounted for.


Chikungunya is an arboviral ailment transmitted by aedes mosquitoes. The infection was first secluded in 1953 in Tanzania. Chikungunya infection is an individual from the sort Alphavirus and the family Togaviridae. The ailment regularly comprises of an intense sickness portrayed by fever, rash, and weakening arthralgia. The word chikungunya, utilized for both the infection and the sickness, signifies “to walk twisted around” in some east African dialects, and alludes to the impact of the joint agonies that describe this dengue-like contamination.

Chikungunya is a particularly tropical sickness, yet it is geologically confined and flare-ups are generally remarkable. It is just sometimes seen in explorers and military staff. More than 266 000 individuals have been tainted amid the progressing flare-up in Réunion, in which Aedes albopictus is the assumed vector. In the progressing Indian episode, in which Aedes aegypti is the assumed vector, 1 400 000 instances of chikungunya were accounted for amid 2006.

The purposes behind the re-development of chikungunya on the Indian subcontinent, and for its exceptional rate in the Indian Ocean area, are vague. Conceivable clarifications incorporate expanded tourism, chikungunya infection presentation into a guileless populace, and viral transformation.

Ayurvedic Cure Chikungunya Alpha Viral Infection
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